Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Revit Grids in NavisWorks

I've been struggling to find my bearings in NavisWorks because the grids from Revit are not 3d so they do not come into NW. I've come up with a pretty good solution in the meantime.
I created a 2-Pick family in Revit that I creatively called 'Grid.rfa'


The grid bubbles and the grid line are extrusions 1/4" high, I tried using Model Lines but they are just too hard to select in NW. The grid name/number are tied to a 'Grid' parameter.

I created an empty project that I linked the structural model into and proceeded to Copy/Monitor the grids into the project. From here I can use the pick option for creating the 2-pick family grids with 'Lock' checked.


Then all you have to do is set the 'Grid' parameter in the newly created grid.


Now what happens if the grid changes? That never happens so we don't have to worry about it....oops had a moment of insanity.

Since we copy/monitored the grids we can simply do a coordination review (look in help if you don't know what this is) the grids will automatically be updated and since we used the lock option to place the new 2pick grids they will move right along with the monitored grids. The only coordination you have to do is check the grid names and make sure there are no new grids, coordination review will not currently tell you if new grids have been added.

Now here's the cool part, when you select the grid in NavisWorks you can look at the properties and you instantly know what grid you're looking at. No need to track down the grid bubble.


I also found it useful to group the grids in Revit and then copy the group to each floor, that way it's always easy to find the grid in NW.

I anyone would like my Grid family just leave a comment or shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send it to you.



  1. Great work! Coordination in Navisworks without grid lines isn't always easy.

    I'd like to try out your 2-pick grid family if you don't mind. Thanks.

  2. We've used a much less sophisticated solution - we just export the grid from Revit into AutoCAD, then reimport back in. Your 2-pick grid sounds like it is very helpful. Can you send it to me?

    Thanks, Laura

  3. I came across your post today. This sounds interesting. We have been using NW for 5 years and this would something worth looking at. Is it possible to receive the family.

    Good work

    Dan Levesque
    Senior CAD Technician

  4. In addition to my post I can be emailed at: dan.levesque@stantec.com

    Thank you


  5. Nice job! I would love to give this method a try, can you send me a copy of this family?

    thanks, ben


  6. Is there a way we can give the grid location coordinates so when the search function is used in Design review it moves directly to the indicated location?

  7. I would appreciate a copy of this family.
    Thanx in advance, Jan


  8. This is way better than what we have been doing, can you send me a copy of this family?

  9. Awesome work! Coordination in Navisworks without grid lines isn't always easy.

    I'd also like to try out your 2-pick grid family if you don't mind. That is if you have not already come up with a new soulution for 2009?


  10. Thanks everyone, I have posted a new grid family that is much better here http://bimmanager.blogspot.com/2009/03/revit-grids-in-navisworks-part-deux.html

  11. The file posted in the abovesaid link is a .rte...Where can i find a .rfa of the same.
    Thanks in advance


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