Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Offline files - may lead to heartache for central files

If you don't know how offline files work take a peek here .
This is how I typically make families and templates available on laptops when users are out of the office, which works incredibly well, no need for different ini files to change paths because the paths stay the same.

Last week I made the mistake of making an entire project folder available offline for one user (this folder contained the central file) there was no problems until today when the user was not connected to the network for some odd reason, but because the central file was made available offline it looked as though he was still connected, so he kept working away until another user noticed that his changes were not coming through when he saved to central....long story short, he could not save back to the actual central file when he was reconnected to the network...which of course led to some unhappy users. There was lots of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V'ing going on to try and sync up what he had lost...I realized later I probably could have ran the journal files to redo the work, but that only works half the time anyway...

Just be careful with offline files!

Add one more BIM/Revit Blog to your feeds

Since I officially have the title of BIM Manager now I figured I would start a blog to document my efforts and hopefully help some folks along the way. I will be sharing our ups and downs (hopefully more ups) as we implement Revit and other BIM related softwares.