Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NavisWorks Class and Lab added to AU schedule

2 Classes were added for NavisWorks now!

The first is Thursday at 10:00 called 'The Essential Guide to NavisWorks'

- Combine and manage project and session data using the NWF file format.
- Override speeds and use shortcut keys to increase effectiveness of 3D model navigation.
- Work with viewpoints and identify override techniques to aid communication of design intent.
- Quickly produce animations using viewpoints as key frames.
- Create intelligent groups of objects for repeated use on multiple projects, using the Find Items tool.
- Create punch/snag lists using the Redline Tags tool.
- Produce external renderings quickly and easily using a few essential Presenter tips.

Thursday at 1:00, called 'A Walk-through NavisWorks' is a Lab

- Combine 3D CAD files from various disciplines in order to create a single model environment. - Manoeuvre around a 3D model using the essential navigation modes. - Interrogate property information and utilize this to create intelligent, dynamic groups. - Use viewpoints to communicate your design intent. - Apply materials, lighting and backgrounds to create a near-real rendering with Presenter plug-in. - Check a model for interferences between disciplines using the Clash Detective

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