Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shading Elevations in Revit

Miles Walker from HOK posted this tip for fading out elevations
While this does work I believe I have a much better solution.
I originally posted it on AUGI and you can download the family here
What I did was create a mass family that has a transparent material with different levels of shading, so if you have a building with multiple steps you can make your elevations easy to understand.
Simply place the family between the elevation and the building, make sure mass is turned on in your elevation and turned off in your floor plans. You will need to use the linework tool to turn the edges of the family to invisible lines, hover on one of the edges and hit tab to select all the edges at once. The only caveat is you have to use Raster instead of Vector when printing.


  1. It's simpler than that. Just override the display of the elements you want lightened and make the halftone of some shade of grey.

  2. This is true, but they both have their ups and downs. If you add something new you need to remember to overide the graphics in every view it's been added to, plus you have to remember what color it has been overidden to. With the mass method you set it once and your done (unless something moves) But in the end you're probably right, I'm leaning more towards overiding the graphics but I haven't fully tested it on a real project yet.


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