Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Troubled Times for AUGI


As you’re probably aware by now AUGI is going through a very rough period; you can read more here…

Dave B’s comments on disappointing a community

Steve’s thoughts

Phil Read has started a petition to spill the board of AUGI, if you’re disgusted with what has gone on I recommend you sign this and pass it on; I have.

Petition to spill the board of AUGI

For those of you looking for old data from AUGI, you can use google’s cache feature for now.

Go here, add your search term after this site:forums.augi.com, then click the Cached link


I will be mining some of my more ‘valuable’ posts from this and posting them on my blog in the near future and hosting any files I’ve posted to dropbox.

It will be interesting to see if users abandon AUGI after this, I hope it’s not the case. I will continue my support being a moderator; but I do believe it’s time for a change in the guard.