Thursday, March 26, 2009

Undocumented Features of Revit 2010

By now you have all seen the new features (go here if you haven't) Instead of re-hashing that I'm going to run through some of the lesser known or undocumented features.


Performance has been improved over 2009, in my testing it is the fastest version yet (seat of the pants testing), but most people are reporting it's about the same speed as 2008 was (which is good!)

You can now add the current revision to your drawing list.

In a worksetted file you can discard your changes AND relinquish at the same time, before you had to just close out, don't relinquish, re-open and then relinquish.

Instance Properties dialog is now re-sizeable.

In print setup you can now have halftone print as thin lines (there is a checkbox under options)

You're now able to create filters for sections, elevations and callouts. So for example you could turn off interior elevations by creating a new filter with the elevation category and filter by family and type of interior elevations, add the filter to your view and turn the filter off.

Keyboard shortcuts were added for the following: Gray inactive worksets, each dimensions type (aligned, linear, angular, radial, arc length) Extend is now it's own tool so you can create a shortcut for this as well. ALL of the items in the view control bar now can have shortcuts (except for the scales of course) Borrow and return license

External tools can have shortcuts too, this is what it looks like in the keyboardshortcuts file:

; Add-Ins
"NW"    ribbon:"Add_Ins-External-External Tools-Navisworks 2010"


Type Properties is NOT re-sizable

Orient to view/direction has no keyboard shortcuts anymore, you now have to right click the view cube, if you need to orient to a plane you have to right click on the steering wheel. This is a major step backwards.

Switch windows isn't easily accessible anymore, but can be added to the Quick access toolbar

Same with the worksets selector and the type selector.

My thoughts on the's great for new users and discoverability of tools, which sounds like this was the main intent from reading their blog. For advanced or even slightly experienced users this is a step backwards for productivity. If you don't use keyboard shortcuts now, you better start. This is the only way you will remain efficient in 2010. There will be a lot of disappointment around this release, when Phil Read is putting up angry blog posts you know things are bad.

With that, we will be upgrading. It is certainly not a rush though, I'm going to wait at least a month to let the users play around in it first because it is going to be a major disruption.

Overall I give this release a thumbs down. Maybe in 2011 they will address the users needs rather than corporate's...