Thursday, October 22, 2009

Subscription Pack available for Navisworks

Autodesk released a plethora of updates for many products yesterday, Revit and AutoCAD had plenty of coverage in the blogosphere, so I’ll only touch on the Navisworks update.

First off we can now import and export fbx format. Importing is not such a big deal for me, but exporting is very nice to bring out to 3ds max.

Batch processing utility, I had already automated most things using autohotkey but maybe these will be a bit more reliable since it runs directly through Navisworks:
  • File list—produces a text file containing a list of the paths and file names of all design files used in an integrated model
  • File combine—enables users to automatically import a batch of files of any supported format into a single model
  • File convert—enables users to automatically convert a batch of supported files into individual Navisworks files

Last and certainly not least is the NWC export utility. This is huge. Finally we can freely distribute this exporter to the entire project team, now anyone can export to Navisworks without buying the software. Thank you, thank you, thank you Autodesk for listening to the customers.

These can be downloaded from the subscription (obviously you must be on subscription)