Thursday, February 28, 2008

NavisWorks Forum Alive on AUGI

NavisWorks Forum
I will be moderating this forum on AUGI, will be posting some good stuff like search sets for revit categories soon.


  1. I've noticed a lack of online info for NavisWorks so I created a blog where I have posted some of the latest features of the 2009 NW lineup.

    Clark Morgan

  2. Hi Clizz,

    Have you been experiencing problems with NWKS manage especially when zooming in or using the pan tool and the models just disappear? any suggestion on the possible causes. This happens quet often

  3. I have ran into this same issue, except that it happens when I'm trying to navigate. There are times when I just simply select the Walk/Fly mode and the model disappears. Other times I am navigating successfully, but when I go to turn down a corridor the model disappears.

  4. This used to happen to me with a cheaper video card, since I've upgraded it hasn't happened (although it is a $1000 video card)

  5. Any Ideas of a workaround??? This is happening to my quite often and it's getting frustrating.

  6. Can you help me for Navisworks API....????


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