Tuesday, March 13, 2007

NavisWorks Contact

Does anyone out there have a good inside contact at NavisWorks? I've been trying and trying to get a working demo version to try out on our projects and I'm having absolutely no success. I initially tried to contact them directly, received no response. So I then contacted a local reseller, they sent me a demo version but when I try to activate the software it says I've already activated it. They don't know what to do so they forwarded the request to NavisWorks....guess what? No response!

Follow up to this....
The president of NavisWorks happened to see this and just called me directly and said I will have a working version in the morning. Thank you! Looking forward to working with you.


  1. Jonathan Widney - The President of Navisworks is our Contact and he is a great guy. I am sure he will take good care of you.

  2. If you cannot get Jonathan, another contact out of the Scottsdale office is JD Sherrill

  3. I've been waiting over 6 weeks for a return call from Navisworks and I want to buy the software, I imagine if/when I do there will be zero support based on their sales response time, can't ever say I wasn't warned.

  4. I don't have Jonathan's number anymore but try to contact Jonathan Walker, paul.jonathanwalker@autodesk.com
    Or try our reseller for NavisWorks, they are always very helpful
    Brad Kramer
    Applied Software


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